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Mini App FAQ

A Mini App, is designed to sit on your phone or tablet as a shortcut ( save to homepage ) for easy and fast access. It works just like your other Apps except, that it opens straight within your browser.

Because our Mini Apps work as a link saved to your device homepage. It opens quickly and securely without issues. You never need to update it for bugs or fixes etc. As it is opened using your browser as you would with a website page, your phone or tablet storage is never compromised as it is stored and managed externally.

Once built we send you a link to each individual Mini App you have have ordered. After that follow the guides below.
* Add to Phones Homepage
* Add to Tablet Homescreen
* Add to Computer Homescreen


Costs for Mini App FAQ

Each Mini App is themed with your logo and relevant contact details. Our prices are quoted for using on a monthly basis, but have a minimum 12 month charge period. Rate card here

Standard Mini Apps are pre-built and only require the additional of your logo and contact details which are free. If you need your logo redesigning ask us and will do so for a minimal fee. Bespoke Mini Apps require content discussion and layout formulas building, so we wil quote you for this as an extra job. This is a one off charge

A small fee may be charged if you want to make changes after your Mini App is built. This depends on what the changes are. Just ask and we will assist.